PLEASE HELP!!! ASAPAn expression can often be used to model a real-life situation. For each of the following expressions, write a real-life situation using money as the context. Then, evaluate the expression and interpret the result in terms of the situation. Here's an example.The following situation is modeled by the expression -24.50 + 100.00: Jonathan overdrew his checking account by $24.50. He then transferred $100.00 from his savings account to his checking account. His new checking account total is $75.50.Make sure to use complete sentences in your answers.1. $8.15 + $11.992. $20 - $18.043. 7($1.45)4. $42.08/4

Accepted Solution

Elle is buying a bag of chips that are $8.15. Then, she adds an $11.99 hairbrush to her cart. Her cart total at checkout is $20.14Leah gets $20 for her allowance every month. She goes shopping and finds a shirt she buys for $18.04. She has $1.96 left of her allowance from this month.Liz is throwing a birthday party for her son. She finds yo-yos for a party favor at $1.45 each. There will be 7 boys there, including her son. The total of the yo-yos is $10.15.Eliza, Ben, Sammy, and Lilian are having a lemonade stand. By the end of the day, they make $42.08. They agreed to split the profit equally between them, which means each of them gets $10.52.