You play a game in which two coins are flipped. If both coins turn up tails, you win 1 point. How many points would you need to lose for each of the other outcomes so that the game is fair?

Accepted Solution

Answer with explanation:When two coins are tossedTotal Sample Space ={T T,HT, TH, H H}=4By getting , T T, total points won =1 PointFor, a fair game , you need to lose 1 point, so that sum of all the points     =1 -1    =0The point = -1 , must be obtained from three outcomes which are {HT, TH, and H H}.Sum of ,HT , TH and H H = -1⇒S(H T) +S (TH) +S(H H)= -1, where S=SumIf points obtained on each of three outcome are equal, then[tex]S(HT)=\frac{-1}{3}\\\\S(TH)=\frac{-1}{3}\\\\S(HH)=\frac{-1}{3}[/tex]