I don’t understand how to find the range and domain

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:Lets Begin with the RANGE: The range is the highest point that a value will reach on the Y-scaleDOMAIN: is the highest and lowest point x will reach on the graph. Looking at the graph, what is the smallest value X will be?... We will never know so in that case -∞<X .Next, what will the highest value that x will be?... once again the arrow means it continues on into positive possibilities. Meanins X<∞SO the X/ DOMAIN: is -∞<x<∞Now onto the RANGE We must look at what the lowest value y will get to..?... We see it once again have an arrow and plunge down into infinite negative possibilities. The The highest is again a arrow with also means itll have INFINITE values. -∞<x<∞-∞<Y<∞